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Pigeon River Gets a Hole in One with Miniature Golf Course
Pigeon River Elementary School scored a hole in one when Physical Education teacher Barb  McKichan and third grade teacher Lynn Thornton teamed up to teach students a thing or two about geometry.  

In search of new units to teach, Mrs. McKichan decided to create a miniature golf course. With the help of the Art Teacher Ryan Hornickel, Mrs. McKichan began constructing her course. Soon, the school’s entire staff was involved, donating obstacles and materials for each of the nine holes.

At the same time, Mrs. Thornton was beginning a geometry unit with her class. Students were required to design a nine-hole miniature golf course using graph paper, incorporating their own themes, obstacles, and geometric shapes and angles. When the class heard about Mrs. McKichan’s project, they approached her with their course designs and worked together to create one hole for the entire school to use.  

Teachers and students alike got a chance to try out the course and provide feedback, working together to create the best possible unit for future students. Along the way, the staff of Pigeon River Elementary worked together to bring geometry to life, integrating teamwork, cooperation, golf etiquette, math skills, and patience.

Sheboygan Area School District Press Release
May 6, 2013