Sheboygan Area School District - Bus Pick-up and Drop-off Times Sheboygan Area School District - Bus Pick-up and Drop-off Times en-us Bus Routes are listed in a numerical order. North High and Urban Middle School To North (23.A01) 1020.PDF From North-Inc Southside (23.P01) 1023.PDF To Urban and North (23.A02) 1020.PDF From North-CARE (23.P02) 117.PDF To North-Inc Southside (23.A03) 1023.PDF From North and Urban (23.P03) 111.PDF To North-CARE (23.A17) 1026.PDF Farnsworth and South High Schools To Farnsworth & South (33.A04) 117.PDF From Farnsworth, South & Wilson (33.P04) 117.PDF To Farnsworth - Teenship (33.A05) 117.PDF From Farnsworth - Teenship (33.P05) 96.PDF Horace Mann Middle School To Horace Mann - Inc Southside (39.A06) 116.PDF From Horace Mann - Southside (39.P06) 919.PDF To Horace Mann - Northside (39.A07) 1026.PDF From Horace Mann - Northside (39.P07) 116.PDF Grant Elementary School To Grant (61.A21) From Grant (61.P14) 911.PDF Jackson Elementary School To Jackson- Inc Southside (63.A08) To Jackson-Northside (63.A09) From Jackson-Northside (63.P08) From Jackson-Inc Southside (63.P17) Lincoln-Erdman Elementary School To Lincoln-Erdman (69.A22) Longfellow Elementary School To Longfellow (70.A10) 117.PDF From Longfellow (70.P09) James Madison Elementary School To James Madison - Northside (74.A11) 911.PDF From James Madison-Northside (74.P10) From James Madison-Inc Cleveland (74.P11) 116.PDF To James Madison-Inc Cleveland (74.A12) 116.PDF From James Madison-Inc Southside (74.P12) 1113.PDF To James Madison-Northside (74.A13) 1031.PDF To James Madison-Southside (74.A14) 1113.PDF Pigeon River Elementary School To Pigeon River (79.A15) 1026.PDF From Pigeon River (79.P13) 1026.PDF Wilson Elementary School From Farnsworth, South, & Wilson (33.P04) 1171.PDF To Wilson (87.A16)