PACE Gifted and Talented Program


Elementary PACE Activities

The elementary PACE resource teachers provide gifted and talented students services through the following methods:

  • Group Meetings - Small group or one-on-one sessions focused on academic extension activities.
  • Competitions - Geography Bee, Invent America, Math Olympiad, Science Olympiad, and Stock Market Game are examples of past opportunities.
  • Whole-Class Presentations and Activities - Geared to introduction of extension experiences or creativity and problem-solving skills/lessons.
  • Field Trip and Explorations - Contact with field professionals. Field trips include Art Days at the John Michael Kohler Art Museum, Music Days, Drama Day, Leadership Day, and Science Day.
  • Extension Materials for Classroom and Home - Varied by individual needs and grade level.
  • Support School Extension Activities - Examples include Honors Art, School Chorus, Junior Great Books, Battle of the Books, and Student Council.

When an elementary student has been identified as gifted and begins participating in PACE, they are assigned a green folder which should contain information about their PACE involvement and samples of work they’ve done. Generally the student’s PACE teacher keeps this green folder. Parents can ask to see this folder at any time - a suggested time to peruse your child’s green folder would be at parent teacher conferences.

Middle School PACE Activities

The middle school PACE program provides numerous opportunities for a variety of enrichment experiences. Programming includes subject area enrichment and extensions, assessments, and workshops. Students are provided program area experiences focused on identified areas and PACE teacher/student goals.

Some examples of the PACE curriculum experiences are as follows: Writer's Workshops, Leadership Days, and various contests. Instructional content area extensions are provided in math, literature, science and current and historical events.

The PACE learning experience for most PACE students at the middle school will be different than it was at the elementary level. Involvement in PACE begins to be more student driven than parent driven or teacher driven. Your child will fill out a list of activities he’d/she'd like to participate in at the beginning of the year. He/She will also have several new extracurricular activities available at middle school. These activities include school plays, talent shows, middle school clubs (such as art club, school newspaper), after school athletics such as basketball and track, etc.  Student programming is individualized based on each child's unique personality, needs, and strengths.