Special Education


All students should be provided with an education in the development of cognitive skills, affective skills, self-awareness, self-esteem, physical well being, and socially acceptable decision making strategies.

We believe that a positive and caring environment will perpetuate successful experiences and enhance each student's future development as an adult.

We recognize the importance of addressing the inter-relationships between home, school, and community in order to enhance students' total development. Community and parental input is encouraged when determining educational placement within a wide range of programs designed to meet varied disabilities and learning styles of students.

Finally, through instruction in independence, responsibility, competency, and vocational/career awareness, special education students should develop into productive individuals in our society. This life-long objective should be reached through early identification, ongoing intervention, and relevant academic/social development.

SASD offers special education services to children with disabilities through the following programs:

For more information about SASD Special Education services, contact:
Coordinator of Pupil Services
Tom Nebel|
(920) 459-3555

Program Support Teacher
Lori Guetschow|
(920) 459-3599