Emotional Behavioral Disabilities



SASD's program for students with emotional behavioral disabilities provides:
  • a supportive educational environment that facilitates behavioral change, emphasizes critical thinking and decision making, and promotes success in the mainstreamed environment
  • the opportunity for students to develop academic skills through direct instruction and individualized remediation to help students achieve their fullest potential
  • a social skills curriculum which enables students to improve their self-concepts and relationships in the home, school, and community
  • a fine arts experience which enables a student to develop his/her aesthetic potential and provide an outlet for creativity and self-expression
  • career/vocational awareness and skill development as an essential and ongoing component of all EBD programming
  • the opportunity for students to develop independent living/survival skills in order to ultimately function as productive and self-sufficient members of society
  • an intense system of cooperation and interaction between the home, school, and other community agencies.
EBD programming is available at the following locations in the district:
  • Elementary School: Cleveland, Grant, Pigeon River, Wilson, Madison (Kidship), Longfellow (Dubuque), Washington, Jefferson
  • Middle School: Urban, Horace Mann (Forward), Farnsworth (Teenship)
  • High School: North (Teenship), South (Teenship), Alternative Programs - Tower Academy