ATOD Programs for Parents

Parent University LogoParent University:  Parent University is an Education Forum designed to inform parents and adults in general of the pivotal role they play in strengthening their child’s healthy decision making.  The SASD ATOD Advisory Committee is responsible for organizing this annual event.  This educational opportunity is free and open to the public.  For additional information about Parent University, please visit

Parent-To-Parent:  Parents of students in elementary or middle school are able to participate in the Parent-To-Parent program. The program is video-based and is led by parent facilitators.  The purpose of the program is to empower parents to counter negative influences in their children’s lives by directly and honestly addressing issues like drugs, sex, and violence. This research-based program has been shown to create a positive parent culture as well as teach parents effective ways to set boundaries for their children.  Additional information about the Parent-To-Parent program can be found at  

Sheboygan Parent Network: The Sheboygan Parent Network is a parent driven organization. The goal of the Sheboygan Parent Network is to build a communication network among the parents of Sheboygan County students. The aim is to reduce the use of alcohol and other drugs and foster a positive social environment for Sheboygan County youth. The Sheboygan Parent Network offers parents an opportunity to work with other parents in creating safe social environments for their teenagers while presenting a clear message that there will be no underage use of alcohol, tobacco or other drugs. Parents who join the Sheboygan Parent Network believe in the power of modeling positive behaviors, the power of communication, and the importance of raising healthy teens.  To make this commitment and become part of the Sheboygan Parent Network, please visit

Online Resources for Parents

  • The Community of Concern - A website for parents that educates and helps coordinate efforts to keep teens drug, alcohol and other drug free.
  • Time to Talk - TimeToTalk provides easy-to-use guides and tips to help you have ongoing conversations with your kids to keep them healthy and drug-free. hlelp

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