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Above the Influence logoAbove the Influence Groups:  Students in elementary, middle, and high school can become involved in an Above the Influence Group at their school. At North High School the group is called R.A.D.A. (Raiders Against Drugs and Alcohol) and at South High School the group is called S.A.S.A. (Students Against Substance Abuse). Students involved in Above the Influence Groups sign a pledge indicating their commitment to making positive, healthful choices and staying substance-free. Through their involvement in Above the Influence, students develop leadership skills and learn how to be resilient, how to be positive role models, and how to resist negative influences. Additional information about being Above the Influence can be found at

Second Step logoSecond Step:  School Counselors teach the Second Step lessons to students in grades K-5.  Second Step is a research-based, social skills program that teaches children to identify and understand emotions.  Reseach shows that the Second Step program can help students develop strong bonds to school, solve problems without anger, and treat others with compassion.  Additional information about the Second Step program can be found at

Life Skills Training: Teachers and school counselors facilitate the Life Skills Training program with students in grades 6-9. Life Skills Training is a research-validated substance abuse prevention program proven to reduce the risks of alcohol, tobacco, drug abuse, and violence by targeting the major social and psychological factors that promote the initiation of substance use and other risky behaviors.  Additional information about the Life Skills Training program can be found at

Class Action:  Staff at Riverview Academy utilize the research-based Class Action curriculum with their students.  Class Action is designed to delay the onset of alcohol use, reduce use among youth who have already tried alcohol, and limit the number of alcohol-related problems experienced by young drinkers.  The program involves students in interactive, peer-led sessions.  Additional information about the Class Action program can be found at

Athletes Against Drugs:  Student athletes, coaches, and activities directors at North and South High Schools are involved in this prevention strategy. Athletes, coaches, and activities directors receive educational information about the impact that substance use has on athletic performance. Student athletes work together on a Leadership Council to find ways to promote and encourage all athletes to remain substance-free.

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