School Nurses


School Nurses

School Nurses are Registered Professional Nurses responsible for protecting and promoting the health of all students. The goal of a School Nurse is to maximize each student’s potential to learn and grow by providing the best possible health care and ensuring a healthy learning environment. School nurses promote and support student’s academic and social success by providing specialized services in the school, community and home settings.

Sharon A. Daun RN, BSN, MS, NCSN
District School Nursing Supervisor
Office Phone: 459-6424
Office at Early Learning Center
Schools: Early Learning Center, Farnsworth, Jackson, Longfellow, Mosaic, Sheridan, Sheboyan Leadership Academy, South High and Wilson.

Lori Hamilton RN, BSN
School District Nurse
Office Phone: 459-3372
Office at James Madison Elementary School
Schools: Central High School, Cooper, Horace Mann, IDEAS Academy, James Madison, Jefferson, Tower Academy, Warriner Middle School and Warriner High School.

Christine Grunwald RN
School District Nurse
Office Phone: 459-6723
Office at North High School
Schools: Cleveland, ESAA, Grant, Lake Country Academy, Lincoln-Erdman, NEW Montessori, North High, Pigeon River, and Urban.