Upcoming Events

Cooperative Programs

The department works in cooperation with a variety of local organizations to provide area residents with a diversified slate of recreational opportunities.

Activity/Organization Phone
S.C. United Soccer League 917-7147
Safety Town 912-2997
Sheboygan Area Youth Soccer Organization (SAYSO) 459-3714
Sheboygan Blue Line Association 458-7465
Sheboygan Diamonds Baseball 467-0252
Team Excel - Sheboygan Youth Wrestling  
Sheboygan Girls Fast Pitch Softball League 254-1486
Sheboygan Rifle and Pistol Club 452-5173
Sheboygan Symphony Orchestra 452-1985
Sheboygan Turners (Gymnastics) 457-5710
Sheboygan Youth Football 207-9395
Sheboygan Youth Symphony Orchestra 452-1985
Special Olympics - Athletes age 8-21 452-0753
Special Olympics - Athletes age 21 and older 452-7305
Sheboygan Softball Association (adult softball) 458-9207
Theater for Young Audiences 458-8184