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District Assessment Calendar

Essential Skills by Grade Level

The S & I Library provides reference materials for check-out. Follow these guidelines for borrowing materials from the library, located in room 3208 in the Central Office, 830 Virginia Ave.

WKCE Resources for Teachers

The following documents are available for downloading. All documents are in PDF format. Simply click on the document you want to read /download.

For teachers, testing logistics For use with students, test preparation practices, short term, useful but smaller impact For use with students, testing strategies, curricular and long term with larger impact
Teacher Preparation for the WKCE (PowerPoint presentation)

Testing Schedule and Times by Grade

WKCE Do's and Don'ts

WKCE Confidentiality Agreement

Teacher Test Security Procedures

WKCE Worksheets for ELL and CWD Teachers

Access for ELLs

Test Preparation Checklist

WKCE and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

WKCE Testing Accommodations Matrix (checklist of what can and cannot do for students)

Classroom Connections (sample test items) by TerraNova - - each school was provided a set of workbooks for use in their school 

Help your Child with Test Taking Skills

Study Tips and Test Taking Strategies

Test Taking Skills: Effective Study Techniques for Essay Tests 

Allowable Test Practices

WKCE-CRT Math Testing Framework WKCE-CRT Reading Testing Framework

WKCE-CRT Science Testing Framework

WKCE Testing Strategies

WKCE and Frequently Used Tasks

6 + 1 Trait Writing