School Nutrition Program- Breakfast & Lunch


Meal Payment System - Student Lunch Accounts

Prepack hot & cold lunch is available at the elementary schools. Buffet style lunch is available at the middle & high schools. A computerized debit lunch account program will automatically keep track of each student’s account balance. When a student eats breakfast or lunch or ala carte (high schools), their card with their personal identification number (PIN) is scanned and the cost of the meal is automatically deducted from their account.


2013-2014 SCHOOL YEAR.

pdf Meal Deal Sign 13-14

Because this is a debit system, meals must be paid for in advance at all schools. At the high school level, put money into the child's account for ala carte or Meal Deal.

Money that is in your child's account remains there and follows them throughout their years in the SASD until they graduate. When your child is a senior, the secretary at the school will give your household a refund prior to graduation. If there is a significant amount in the lunch account which is not being used by your child and you would like a refund, please send a request in writing to the school that your child is attending.

If you have any further questions, please call Dawn Schutte, Secretary at 459-3568.