Alternative Programs

Sheboygan Area School District offers several alternative education programs to students in unusual circumstances, including:

Tower Academy

Tower Academy is a self-contained program for severely emotionally disturbed adolescents from grades 6-12. The program provides a safe environment for students to learn the skills necessary to be successful citizens in the school, home, work and community environments.

Adolescent Treatment Program (ATP)

This alternative program offers instruction to students admitted to Memorial Medical Center’s Adolescent Treatment Program. The program is available to students of any grade. The curriculum is supplied by the student’s teachers from their school and monitored by the ATP teacher. When a student is at the hospital, the ATP teacher makes contact with the student’s school requesting schoolwork. Arrangements will be made for the teacher or parents to pick up the schoolwork. Although, two hours of instruction will not match that missed by the student, it will provide a list of assignments and an opportunity for the students to know exactly what will be needed upon their return to their school. The primary focus of a student’s time in the ATP is to address their treatment plan. Class time is offered from 8:30 to 10:30 Monday through Friday.

Homebound and Hospital bound Instruction

This alternative program offers instruction to students that have a verified doctor’s excuse requiring a minimum of six weeks of non-school attendance. Typically, a family contacts the student’s guidance counselor. The guidance counselor requests that a doctor’s excuse be attained and brought to the school. In addition, the guidance counselor provides the student’s current class schedule, most recent attendance to the Homebound Instructor. After discussing the situation with the guidance counselor, the Homebound Instructor will set up a time to meet with the student and their parent(s)/guardian(s). During this initial meeting, the teacher will discuss the operations of the program and establishes a schedule for providing instruction that is agreeable to the family. Homebound instruction is temporary, it in no way can be a replacement for full-time school attendance. Therefore, if it appears that an extended time of school non-attendance is anticipated, regular meetings will be scheduled with the inclusion of the supervising physician to develop a plan for reintegration or alternative school programming.

Jailbound Instruction

The Jailbound Program is sponsored by the Sheboygan Area School District in connection with the Sheboygan County Juvenile Detention Center. Our goal is to provide a program to meet the unique needs of SASD school age pupils who are detained in the Sheboygan County jail. The program also provides services to meet the needs of juveniles waived into adult court. The Jailbound instructor communicates with the incarcerated student's school providing work from the school or commensurate with the student's school coursework.

Teenage Parent Program (TAPP)

The teenage parent program supports students who are pregnant and new mothers. In addition the required educational coursework, the program provides support, resources and relevant educational topics for this specific student population. Read frequently asked questions about TAPP


Youth Tutoring Youth (YTY) is an elective course for high school students in grades 10-12. The major objectives of the course are to:

  • provide high school students with an opportunity to give direct tutoring assistance to elementary/middle school classrooms under the guidance of a supervising and coordinating teacher.
  • to increase students inter-personal and intra-personal skills.
  • to challenge students in promoting life-long learning activities. Tutoring occurs either one-on-one, in small groups or in whole group settings. Tutors must enjoy working with younger youth, commit to attend on a daily basis and participate to the full extent during their assigned YTY hours. Tutors can be students at-risk, potential students at-risk or future educators.

For more information about Tower Academy, the Adolescent Treatment Program and Instruction for Homebound, Hospital bound or Jailbound Students, contact:
Administrator of Alternative Programs
Lisa Patton |
(920) 459-3329

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