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Charter Schools in the Sheboygan Area School District

Central High School (grades 9-12)
Central High School is a full-service high school focused on real world results. Central High school prepares students for the post-secondary education or job training and placement. A variety of learning formats allows students to choose project-based or traditional format in flexible, individualized scheduling that successfully connects students to the real world.

Elementary School for the Arts and Academics (grades K-5)
The Elementary School for the Arts and Academics (ESAA) honors each child’s unique interest, ability and learning style. The curriculum combines academics with the arts to help students learn core content in a way that is accessible and motivating. The emphasis on the arts as an educational tool helps foster creativity, collaboration, communication and adaptability, thus developing key skills for success in an increasingly complex and interconnected world. This curriculum challenges the most advanced learners while providing unprecedented opportunities for those children who may struggle in more traditional settings.

George D. Warriner Middle School for Personalized Learning (grades 6-8)
The educational process begins at George D. Warriner Middle School with a personalized learning plan that looks at every student individually. This process brings the student, parent(s) and advisor together to set individual goals and create a learning plan that ensures individual student success and attainment of the individual goals. These goals are achieved through the flexibility of our "Four Pillar" curriculum mode which includes online/technology-based learning, project-based learning, 21st century skills, and problem-based service learning. Warriner Middle School offers a full-day, half-day or online schedule to meet the needs of any family.

George D. Warriner High School for Personalized Learning (grades 9-12)
The Warriner High School offers a customized curriculum for each student, based on his/her interests, talents and future plans. In addition to online coursework, Warriner students benefit from a meaningful, well-rounded learning environment, with required face-to-face time between the student and their advisor and some small group class time on a weekly basis. Especially in the upper grades, internships and work experiences are also part of the curriculum. This school is a one-of-a-kind learning experience for high school students.

IDEAS Academy (grades 9-12)
The IDEAS Academy is a project-based 21st Century school with a rigorous standards-based problem-solving curriculum, offering a hybrid flexible education model with a 21st Century reporting system. The IDEAS Academy prepares students for college and a future that increasingly values creativity and innovation through the integration of academic content with design, engineering, arts, and sciences. Students will gain the knowledge and skills needed in the 21st Century through a comprehensive curriculum that allows in-depth learning via project-based and disciplinary learning.

Lake Country Academy (grades 4K-8)
Lake Country Academy serves students in 4-year-old kindergarten through 8th grade. The uniqueness of Lake Country Academy lies in the rigorous Core Knowledge and Core Virtue curricula taught by a method called "Direct Instruction" which is an approach to learning through ability groups. Direct Instruction, which takes place in small learning groups, allows for material to be taught with logical precision in discrete, child-size bits, with rapid correction and careful measurement.

The Mosaic School (grades 6-8)
The Mosaic School offers a learning environment that teaches to and celebrates the multiple intelligences of each student. Utilizing the individual strengths and learning interests of all students, Mosaic promotes a diverse community built around a culture of decency and respect. Through project-based learning, students will enter high school with a foundation of academic and real-life skills specifically crafted to meet the challenges of the 21st Century.

Northeast Wisconsin Montessori Charter School (grades 1-6)
The vision of Montessori education is to develop a child's potential by establishing an environment that encourages self-discipline, independence, social development, and beliefs in one's abilities with courtesy and grace. It expands the child's awareness of the world using a historical perspective to introduce children to all the curricular areas. The multi-age classroom makes the school unique, where students form their own instructional plan under the guidance of a teacher, and concentrate on self-selected work for up to three hours of uninterrupted work time.

Sheboygan Leadership Academy (grades 4K - 8)
Sheboygan Leadership Academy is a K4 – Grade 8 School. With a focus on virtue education and service learning and a commitment to academic excellence, our graduates are prepared to take on leadership roles in high school and beyond. The Virtues Project is an integral part of our curriculum. The 52 virtues are infused in all subject areas and in school life in general. Service learning grows out of the curriculum; it is not an addition to it. Through authentic service learning, students are guided to take informed civic action to meet real local, national and global needs. We prepare our students to be successful in their future educational endeavors and valued, contributing members of society. Sheboygan Leadership Academy provides a strong, thorough comprehensive curriculum in all core subject areas. Saxon Math is a thorough mathematics program that focuses on the comprehension of basic skills through a gentle development of concepts and the practice of those concepts over a considerable length of time. The Spalding Method is a language arts program that is explicit, interactive, diagnostic, and multi-sensory. It is dedicated to teaching all students to spell, write, and read. In addition to the core subject areas; Spanish, music, art, and physical education are taught to all students in grades K through Grade 8. The mission of the Sheboygan Leadership Academy is to inspire students to become leaders through their academic achievement, moral development, and service to others.

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