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Main Office Staff
Principal Kelly Cvetan
Secretary Rachel Ramos


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Professional Staff
Kindergarten - Dual Language Ana Trimberger
Kindergarten - Dual Language Araceli Roman
Kindergarten - Dual Language Ana Lambert
First Grade - Dual Language Adele Keaton
First Grade - Dual Language Cheryl Driscoll
First Grade - Dual Language Melissa Gerend
Second Grade - Dual Language Dawn Brauer
Second Grade - Dual Language Tarasita Respalje
Second Grade - Dual Language Sarah Ward
Third Grade - Dual Language Tricia Roeh
Third Grade - Dual Language Sarah Montgomery
Third Grade - Dual Language
Fourth Grade - Dual Language Angela Jensema
Fourth Grade - Dual Language Mary Jo Opgenorth
Fifth Grade Adam Binder
Fifth Grade - Dual Language Amy Buffington

Michelle Jorgensen

Early Literacy Intervention Wendy Plautz
English Language Learners Jessica Stoller
Family-School Liaison

Patricia Juarez, CSW

Marisol Muhs

Instrumental Music Ryan Rabe

Gail Dedering

Physical Education

Bryant Buhr

Reading & Math Intervention

Anjelica Lara

School Counselor Jeanna Goodman
Special Education Karen Flasher
Instructional Technology Specialist Judy Kapellen
District Deaf/Hard of Hearing Chris Andrews
District Library Media Specialist

Chris Vollmer

District Occupational Therapist Tammy Johnson
District School Nurse Lori Hamilton
District School Psychologist Sue Williamson
District Speech Therapists

Gwyn Antoine

Julie Wagner


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Support Staff
Bilingual Educational Assistants

Maria Andrews

Arody Carrazco

Calli Nonnemacher

Building Technology Support/IMC Educational Assistant Sarah Resch

Dan Brown

Educational Assistant

Mary Heitzmann

ELL Educational Assistant May Vang
Lunch Hour Supervisors

Sharon Claussen

James Landgraf

Barbara Marshall

Dustin Zimmer

Michelle Zimmer

Reading & Math Intervention Educational Assistant Chris Kaeiserl
School Nutrition Connie Engelman
Sign Language Interpreter Cassandra DaValt

Special Education Educational Assistant

Michelle Bull - Substitute


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Foster Grandparents (learn more...)
Kindergarten and First Grade

Mary Jo Boldt

Barb Silvis

Third Grade Arlene Outland


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