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Adventurous Story Teller Visits Sheridan

The students at Sheridan Elementary School were enthralled Tuesday, April 7, by guest author Connie Roop, as she engaged the students with her wild tales of life experiences and how to write about them.

Roop took all of them to the rainforests of Belize, the streets where M.L. King grew up and even to the top of Matinicus Rock off the shores of Maine. She spent the day expressing her passion for science, learning and life through the more than 100 books she co-authored with husband, Peter.

Roop is a world traveler, teacher of 34 years, mother, master storyteller, author and above all, a booklover. She will be remembered for a long time as "The Lighthouse Lady" at Sheridan and truly lit the way to a deeper appreciation of historical fiction and nonfiction literature.

Sheboygan Area School District Press Release
April 24, 2009