Sheridan in the News

Sheridan Student Donations for Park Project Top $1300
Brian Shaw accepts the check and thanks the
Sheridan students for their generous donation.

Sheridan Elementary School's Student Council, under the direction of Mary Jo Opgenorth and Holly Soerens, sponsored a couple of fundraisers for the Park Project spearheaded by the Shaw family.

First, a popcorn sale was held. The council students popped enough popcorn for 500 bags. Each bag was sold for 25 cents. The popcorn sale was a hit as all 500 bags were sold earning $125.

Secondly, a coin war between grades was held during the week of April 20th through the 24th. Each grade had a jug to place coins in. Students' were encouraged to bring in coins daily. The students were given updated totals at the end of each day as the grade earning the most money for the Park Project was promised an ice cream sundae party.

Due to the overwhelming success of the fundraiser, all students and staff earned an ice cream sandwich. The two top grades were only apart by $1.57 so both the third and fourth grades at Sheridan earned the ice cream sundae party. Both fundraisers earned a grand total of $1,365.37.

Brian Shaw family accepted a check for $1365.37 on Thursday, June 4, 2009.

Sheboygan Area School District Press Release
June 12, 2009