Sheridan in the News

Sheridan Students Speak at Common Council

Six Sheridan Elementary School fourth graders and one third grader observed city government in action when they attended a Common Council meeting at the Sheboygan City Hall. The students were interested in learning more about how decisions are made and wanted to voice their opinion about one of the agenda items - the funding of Mead Public Library. Upon arrival each of the students greeted the mayor and signed in to speak at the meeting. All of the students were in support of funding the library as they talked about how their teacher, Ms. Jurgens, leads them to the library once a month no matter the weather.

"It is important for our education, and for people in college," said Alonzo B. "I love the books and some of the DVDs," said Dylan C. Savannah R. added, "We go to a great room on the third floor and hear stories with our first grade reading buddies. Then we check out books." After all 7 had spoken, Mayor Ryan thanked them for having the courage to speak and asked the audience to applaud their efforts. The students believe their voices were heard and were anxious to watch themselves on the local cable station back at home.

Sheboygan Area School District Press Release
December 23, 2010