Parents Plus

The mission of Parents Plus of Wisconsin is to support the development of positive parenting skills and to increase parental involvement in Wisconsin Schools for the purpose of improving student achievement.

The vision of parents Plus of Wisconsin is to be recognized as a leader in collaborative statewide and regional efforts to provide home and center based family support, together with community based agencies, schools, school systems and statewide educational organizations.

Research tells us:
  • When parents are involved children do better in school and in life.
  • When parents are involved children stay in school longer.
  • A comprehensive well-planned family-school partnership fosters high student achievement.

We have bimonthly meetings on the second Wednesday of the month at 6:30 p.m. in the Music Room. While enjoying refreshments, we discuss school issues and establish open channels of communication between parents and school staff.

All Sheridan Families are Invited to Attend