South High Attendance Policy

In accordance with the state compulsory attendance statute, every student is expected to attend every class every day.

By statute, parents are permitted to excuse a student for up to 10 full days in a school year.

Students exceeding 10 full day absences must receive clearance from the Dean of Students, Kevin Formolo.

Students with a legitimate medical issue must have a current letter from the attending medical personnel stating reason medical issue causes absences from school. All medical excuses should be filed in our Attendance office.
(All medical expenses are the responsibility of the parent or guardian)

Students may not miss semester examinations for family vacations or appointments.

The state truancy statute will be in effect at all times. Student exceeding five (5) unexcused absences in one or more classes are subject to a truancy review.

Prearranged appointments during the School Day: if your student needs to leave school during the school day for a prearranged reason ex. doctor appointment etc. please send a note with your student the day the student must leave early, have your student go to the Attendance office before school that morning and get a pass to be released during the day.

Vacation Etc: If your student is going to be gone for a vacation or a full day or longer and you are aware of it ahead of time please send a note with your student at least one day in advance so they can get a homework request sheet from the attendance office and give it to all the teachers to get any homework they will be missing during the absence.

In the event a student was marked unexcused for a class but was in attendance, the student must talk to the teacher to correct the attendance with the attendance office.