This page contains a brief description of the coursework each department offers.  A complete list of courses and required prerequisites can be found in the Course Description Guide on the Counseling Center’s page.


Department Chairperson

Express yourself!  Gain a broad background of creative experiences while developing an understanding and appreciation of art.  Experience with drawing, painting, sculpting and creating await you.

Mrs. Linda Badtke

Business, Marketing, and Information Technology 
Courses introducing students to business practices and routines are offered through the Business Education Department.  Courses include Accounting, Keyboarding, Marketing, Investing, and Desktop Publishing.

Mr. Craig Heeler

English Language Learners  (E.L.L.)
ELL courses are structured for students whose first language experience is not with English.  Additional support in speaking, writing, and reading are built into these courses.

Mrs. Dawn Sizemore

Family and Consumer Education (F.A.C.E.)
The electives of FCE offers opportunities for the enhancement of personal skills and relationships, as well as career exploration in the areas of hospitality, food service, interior design, and education.

Mr. Craig Heeler

Physical and emotional health issues are explored as students learn how the human body works, and how to keep it working well.

Mr. Michael Rank

Language Arts
The Language Arts department offers courses in English, Writing / Composition, Business Communications, Photography, Newspaper, and Yearbook

Mrs. Nancy Moss

The mathematics department offers several sequences of coursework for students to follow, depending on post-graduation plans.  Courses range from everyday math through Advanced Placement / Honors Calculus and computer programming.

Ms. Gail Boerger

Students interested in music will be able to find a course of interest to them here.  The bands and choirs study, prepare, and perform at various times of the year, from athletic events to formal concerts.   SHS Band Website

Mrs. Linda Badtke

Physical Education
Activities that encourage lifelong fitness are incorporated into the physical education experience.  Students can expect to participate in activities such as canoeing, bicycling, tennis, football, volleyball, weight training, and water activities, just to name a few.

Mrs. Brenda Scholten

Students will be exposed to a variety of sciences through the study of biology, earth science, chemistry, anatomy, and astronomy.

Mr. Brian Henriksen

Social Studies
In addition to world and United States history, courses introducing students to psychology, philosophy, economics, and comparative religions are offered through the Social Studies department.

Mr. Pete Peterson

Special Education
Courses offered through the Special Education department are designed to assist students who have learning or social problems that cause difficulties in the regular classroom.

Mr. Paul Wagner

Technology Education
Technology Education offers a diverse range of courses.  Students can choose from woods, metals, small engines, electricity, photography, and drafting.  Each year the House Construction classes at South and North High Schools work with local contractors to design and build a new home in Sheboygan.  The home is then put up for sale.   SASD House Construction Project Website

Mr. Craig Heeler

World Languages
Want to learn to speak in another language?  World Languages offers courses in Spanish, French, German, and Chinese.

Mrs. Elizabeth Cordeiro