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FAFSA - Free Application for Federal Student Aid
FAFSA On the Web
- They promise quicker turnaround time if you fill out the FAFSA on the web. It's a good idea to pick up a hard copy of the FAFSA in the counseling center so you know ahead of time what information they are going to require.

Seniors: If you plan to start college next fall, you and your parents need to submit a FAFSA between January 1 and March 1 of this school year for optimum results.

FAFSA PIN - Before you can apply for financial aid online, you need to register for a Personal Identification Number (PIN) for you and your parents. This serves as you electronic signature when you fill out the FAFSA online.

FAFSA Help - Here you will find all the answers to your questions about filling out the FAFSA.

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Financial Aid and Scholarship Links
Americorps - This explains the volunteer programs of service to America, like VISTA and The National Civilian Community Corps. Americorps workers also work for Habitat for Humanity, the Red Cross and Boys and Girls Clubs. It is a great program for those who are really interested in doing something for the country as a civilian.

Scholarship Search from -'s Scholarship Directory has $1.6 million worth of scholarships and is quickly growing. It is a free scholarship directory and requires no registration. Students can search for scholarships in multiple ways including keywords, courses, deadline, courses, who it is open to and the scholarship amount. 

College Answer - This site is the Internet's premier guide to college admissions and financial aid. It offers advice and tools to expedite, simplify, and optimize the admissions and financial aid processes.

College Net's MACH25 Scholarship Search - This database provides a handy keyword Search that gives you a quick way to narrow down to a particular scholarship or group of scholarships. This website provides information about the financial aid process, scholarships & grants, and helps you understand loans and how to manage student debt.

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FastWeb - This is a free scholarship search site. You fill out an online profile and they look for scholarships that fit your profile. They give you a "mailbox" and as time goes by they'll put scholarship applications (or letters about them) in your mailbox.

FinAid! - This site contains everything you need to know about financial aid - by Kantrowitz. One of the most comprehensive sites on the web!

Financial Aid Calculators - The most popular calculators are the College Cost Projector, Savings Plan Designer , Financial Aid Estimation Calculator and Loan Payment Calculator.

Financial Aid Estimator - This online form will tell you your estimated "family contribution" in the college funding process.

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Financial Aid for Minority Students - This site provides scholarship information for minority students.

Minority Scholarships - This site is a place where many scholarships for minorities are listed.

NASFAA's Student Aid Page - This is the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators' site and it is full of tips on financial aid for college-bound students.

Office of Post-Secondary Education - US Department of Education website - Be sure to visit the Education Planning and Student Resources.

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Sallie Mae - This web site is a great resource for information on planning for college, applying for financial aid, and managing student loans.

SchoolSoup - This scholarship search database provides students with the largest and most comprehensive scholarship database in the world with over $32 billion in scholarships!

Selective Service Registration - In order to receive any government backed loans, all 18 year old males must register with the selective service. Might as well do it now!

Scholarship Help - This is an interesting site to help you with the complicated process of finding additional scholarship money.

The Student Guide - This government publication is one of the best, most concise and well organized explanations of the financial aid process anywhere. Check it out to find out the answers to all your financial aid questions!

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Scholarship Quicklinks
Air Force ROTC Scholarships - If you are considering the military, have excellent grades and are involved in school activities, check it out.

Blue Ribbon Animal Auction FFA 4-H Scholarship - Scholarship available for students with leadership experience in FFA and/or 4-H.  Application form available in PDF and Word format.

Elks National Foundation - Offers several different scholarships, including the Most Valuable Student scholarship.

Gates Millennium Scholarship - This scholarship offers a full-ride to student who are African American, American Indian/Alaska Native, Asian Pacific Islander American or Hispanic American with 3.3 GPA or higher and meets the Federal Pell Grant eligibility criteria.

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Hispanic student scholarships - a newer scholarship search site for hispanic students.

Junior Miss Scholarship Program - You have to start this scholarship process early in your junior year. - This is a free scholarship search and financial aid resource. This is a very comprehensive site that has membership in the National Association of Financial Aid Administrators, which is a professional organization that sets the standards for Financial Aid professionals.

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Scholarship News - This site breaks scholarships down into categories and then gives you links to dozens of scholarship opportunities within each category. Categories include: by major, by state, minority scholarships, athletic scholarships, etc.

ShopKo - The ShopKo Scholars Program offers one hundred $1,000 scholarships for students who have demonstrated a commitment to the community and are hardworking.

Wal*Mart Store and SAM'S CLUB - Each store will have the opportunity to award two $1,000 scholarships. To be eligible you must have a 2.5 GPA or higher and NOT be a Wal*Mart employee or an immediate relative of an employee.  All local winners will automatically be entered into a state competition for a chance to win an additional $4,000. All state winners will then be automatically entered into a national competition for a chance to win an additional $20,000! You will need the four-digit location number from your local Wal*Mart. Any associate will have this number.

Wells Fargo - CollegeSTEPS Scholarship Program awards 100 scholarships valued at $1000.

Asian and Pacific Islanders American Scholarship Fund

Hispanic Scholarship Consortium

American Indian College Fund

Association on American Indian Affairs

United Negro College Fund

Gates Millenium Scholars


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