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To Students:
You have many career and educational options to consider!  After you graduate from high school, you can get a job, go to a four-year college, a community college, a career or technical school, get an apprenticeship, or join the military.  Determining which of these paths is appropriate for you can be stressful, to say the least.

This guide will provide you with information that can assist you in planning your future journey.  If you take the time to investigate and evaluate your options, you will be able to plan a future that is not only promising, but one that is also filled with direction and purpose.

To Parents:
This guide was written for high school students.  It is important, however, that you read it as well.  For many students, trying to figure out what to do after high school is terrifying and confusing.  High school students need the help and guidance of their parents.  They need you to assist them in evaluating their career and educational options, and they need your support and encouragement as they plan and prepare for their future!

Please do not hesitate to call your son or daughter’s school counselor if you have any questions or if you wish to set up an appointment.

It is important, whether you are considering college or not, to make a post-high school plan.  The South High Counseling Department can help!

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Career Planning

Parents Influence Career Choices
Students consistently rank their parents ahead of teachers and school counselors as having the most influence on their career decisions.  It takes time to listen to each other, but remember, parents are influencing one of their child’s most important decisions.  Parents, you can assist your child by:

  • Encouraging him/her to participate in career activities available through the school and community
  •  Become actively involved in career exploration (but refrain from doing all the work)

Career Resources
The Sheboygan South High School Counseling Center contains a wealth of useful career information.  Career resources include:

  • Online career sites/interest inventories
  • College and vocational school information
  • Military Service Information
  • Apprenticeships, job shadows, and internship information
  • Schedules for education and military representative visits
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Teacher Recommendations

Helpful hints regarding teacher recommendations

  • Begin asking teachers for recommendations early in the year.  It will be helpful to have the letters completed by December of your senior year.
  • Keep a copy of all important papers, including recommendations.  You will need to reference letters for scholarships and employment purposes; start keeping a file you can access as needed.

Be sure to ask for letters from a teacher who you feel will write you a positive recommendation.  Provide the teacher or counselor with information about yourself; the more information you provide, the easier it will be to write a thorough recommendation letter.

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Taking a Year Off Before College Can Be Worthwhile

Check out this article on the benefits of taking a year off before college.

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The First Year Away From Home

It is completely normal for high school graduates to be awed, and even frightened, by their newly-found freedoms, and it is just as normal for that alienation to snowball into some degree of loneliness, and even homesickness if moving out of your parents’ house.  Most homesickness stems from a simple lack of readiness to be independent.  The most common traps and what you can do to prevent them are as follows:

  • Inability to manage finances, including budgeting, writing checks, and overusing credit cards:  Learn to manage money while still in high school.  Parents, allow your child to make more financial decisions themselves.  Caution them about indebtedness, but give them responsibility.
  • Anticipation for a fresh start, yet comfort for the familiar:  Parents, don’t be too eager to convert your child’s bedroom for some other use. Recognize that the first year a child is out of the house is an adjustment for parents as well.
  • Difficulty managing time:  Be realistic about what you can accomplish.  Eliminate dead time, and do difficult tasks when you have the most energy during your day.
  • Poor health habits:  Make time to exercise, avoid late night snacks, and get a good night’s sleep.
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College Planning

The process of selecting the right kind of education beyond high school and then applying for admission to an institution of higher learning is an important one.  However, it does not need to be unpleasant if done systematically and with attention to detail.  No college will be absolutely perfect, but to find the “right fit,” you need to know a lot about yourself as well as research your colleges of choice. 

Please visit our Two and Four Year College Planning page for more information.

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