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Welcome to the South High Counseling Center!


Sheboygan South High School Counseling Program Beliefs

The Sheboygan South HS counselors believe all students:

  • have dignity and worth
  • have the capacity to grow in all developmental domains; academic, personal/social, and career
  • possess unique learning styles
  • have the right to be served in the school counseling program by a full-time, state-certified, master's-degree-level counselor

The Sheboygan South HS counselors believe the school counseling program:

  • will be rooted in the ASCA National model and WDGM state standards
  • will value the students, parents, staff, counselors, and communitiy members as essential team players for student development
  • will be a safe and nurturing environment for students to grow developmentally
  • is a comprehensive program providing academic, personal/social, and career development through parent programs, developmental guidance in the classroom, group experiences, and individual counseling.
  • recognizes and respects all students' ethnic, cultural, and racial differences and special needs and considers these in planning and implementing the school counseling program.

The Sheboygan South HS counselors believe the professional school counselor:

  • will help all students identify individual potential
  • will provide academic, personal/social, and career development for all students
  • will advocate for all students, ensuring access to counseling services
  • will be a leader in educational reform
  • will abide by the professional ethics of guidance and counseling as advocated by the American School Counselor Association




On the main counseling page there are links regarding study skills, along with announcements for juniors and seniors - as well as articles for parents from our recent parent newsletters.

There is an enormous amount of college, career and other post-secondary information on the web, and hopefully our site will save our students and parents some time in finding credible information.  We welcome your constructive suggestions regarding any helpful links you come across that are not included on this site! 

We hope students and parents will find this site helpful in accessing the latest in post-secondary information.  Of course, all students are encouraged to visit their counselor for personalized college and career counseling as well as for personal/social counseling as needed.


For more information, please stop in the Counseling Center to see your specific counselor.  You can email your counselor, too, from the "Counseling Staff" link.


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