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Volume #98, Issue #7

Lake Breeze Newspaper

Andrew Becker, Web Edition Editor

March 15, 2013

40 Students Set To Participate In State SkillsUSA

Story by: Andrew Becker

SkillsUSA is an applied method of instruction for preparing America’s high performance workers in public career and technical programs.
SkillsUSA provides quality education experiences for students in areas such as leadership, teamwork, citizenship and character development. It builds and reinforces self-confidence, work attitudes and communications skills.
SkillsUSA emphasizes total quality at work—high ethical standards, superior work skills, life-long education, and pride in the dignity of work.
Adam Urayner stated, “Team problem solving is a great program that lets students solve basic issues that you might have to solve in the future”.
SkillsUSA also promotes understanding of the free-enterprise system and involvement in community service. It is a national competition that’s held every year with winning teams from every state. Within every state, small competitions are put on by separate schools. Coming up in April, is Wisconsin’s state competition in Wisconsin Dells.
“We have a great turnout for this year’s state competition with 40 students competing in many different fields including broadcasting, computer design, and skilled trades such as welding, sheet metal and metal machining,” said adviser Joseph Janicek, technology education instructor.
David Kesner is going to state for the robotics competition and said, “Being in robotics involves a lot more preparation before the competition. There’s practice work that is given to you when you sign up and must be completed before the competition. I think it’s the hardest program to prepare for, but it’s the most fun.”

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