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Volume #98, Issue #7

Lake Breeze Newspaper

Andrew Becker, Web Edition Editor

March 15, 2013

Athletes Reflect On Their Senior Sports Careers

Story by: Sara Schrank

As winter sports come to a close and athletes get ready for the spring season, it is necessary to remember that for the seniors, it is the end of their high school athletic career.
If you are on a team at South, you may spend more time with the team than your own family. Practices, being everyday after school for at least two hours, and games/ meets may take all night. It becomes surreal when your last sports season arrives. Next year, your life will be completely different, no matter what you do in life.
Senior Kimberlee Weimann stated, “It feels like just yesterday I was just a freshman playing. It’s crazy how fast it went.”
Next year, instead of going to the locker rooms and heading to the field house, the seniors will be walking to class and doing homework in their dorms.
Senior McKena Ramos said, “ The number one thing I will miss about swim team is going to state with my team and the atmosphere of it all.” Sports in high school did not just teach the sport itself, they taught the seniors life lessons.
Senior Kara Selk stated, “All of my coaches relate to lessons in our lives, like being on time and working harder than the other person to get the job.”
In high school, it is necessary to acquire skills to balance studies and sports. Then, transitioning to move from high school to possibly college sports.
“Sports have helped me be responsible, dedicated, and taught me how to manage my time,” stated Senior Rachel Smith.
Even though the winter sports are ending, the senior athletes will never forget the bonds and memories they have created with their teammates.
“My favorite thing about high school sports has been the bonds that I have made with all my teammates over the past 4 years,” stated Senior Molly Burkard.
Selk added, “I’ve made so many memories bonding and winning games, I defiantly will have stories to tell my kids someday.”

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