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Volume #98, Issue #5

Lake Breeze Newspaper

Andrew Becker, Web Edition Editor

January 18, 2013

Broadcasters Enjoy Covering Games

Story by: Tyler Kupsch

Putting on a great show for any activity at South is essential. It is no different for broadcasting the events.

Juniors Jesus Rivera, Cameron Fuller, and Kao Hmong Thao are just three of the many students who put a lot of hard work into these broadcasts to make them the best they can be.

“I want to show how good a South High broadcast can be live… I’ll always give my best,” stated Thao.

Most nights, the three students arrive one hour before the game/event /concert to prepare. That involves making sure all the cameras are set up in the correct place and writing the script if announcing will be added. They also stay after to help take down cameras and put away equipment.

“It is very important to put out the best show, especially with the equipment that we have,” stated Rivera.

They are also assisted by Language Arts teacher Terry Shircel. He teaches them the best way to broadcast and gives them advice, which they use to the best of their ability.

“Jesus and Terry help me out a lot with giving me information and advice,” commented Fuller.

It’s all work during the game. Staying focused on the game while announcing is important, as Fuller and Rivera must be both entertaining and informative. The camera movement is very intense and picking up all the action is crucial. Thao has to make sure that every aspect of the sporting event is covered.

Being a part of broadcast ing will also help the students with their career paths. All three hope to pursue careers in broadcasting or camera work.

“I like the intensity and the work you have to deal with, but still having a lot of fun at the same time,” Fuller said.

Learning the things that they are doing now will have an impact on their future careers.

The family atmosphere is also present amongst the broadcasting team. It’s always fun to do the games and share jokes at the same time. They know how to have fun, but also get the job done.

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