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Volume #98, Issue #7

Lake Breeze Newspaper

Andrew Becker, Web Edition Editor

March 15, 2013

E & I Rooms Deny Time For Achieving Students To Meet With Teachers In Classrooms/Labs

Story by: Lake Breeze

New to South this year are the E and I rooms. These rooms are organized to help students who are failing their core classes. They are also available to other students during their study halls. In these rooms, teachers are there to mentor students. There are teachers of every subject who are required to give up one of their prep hours to help students.
Although these rooms are open to all students, they are mostly used to help kids who aren’t passing their classes. Those students have the chance to receive help from teachers, get one on one time with teachers, and if they do improve and succeed, they receive incentives. What about students who are already achieving in their studies? E and I rooms costs thousands of dollars. Money aimed at human resources. Is it worth having all this money used on rooms in which there are, on average, only about 15 students in the rooms?
Half of those students just don’t do their work. This is school. When you come to school, you have to do your work to succeed to eventually graduate. That is what other students are doing. Don’t take it the wrong way, it is understandable that sometimes school gets tough. It is sometimes hard to grasp what is going on in class. Sometimes you feel like just slacking off because you have no motivation. It happens to the best of us. That’s not the point though; the main question is if having these rooms are fair to all students.
Of course, there is the question as to whether these rooms are working. Principal Michael Trimberger said that first semester was a little rough, but second semester has shown better results. For example, one group of students had failing grades last semester and with the mentoring of a teacher, they are now passing all their classes. So yes, these rooms are helping some students, which is great, but at the same time, they are forgetting about other students. Students cannot meet with their teachers in their classrooms to work on labs/projects because “all” E & I instructors must meet in predetermined classrooms (Rooms 122, 124, 126). So, students who do their work and would like to work on labs/projects during a teacher’s prep time cannot, because teachers cannot go back to their regular classrooms during their prep hour. That does not make sense to us.
Freshman Hollis Rammer and sophomore Amy Gruenke do think that these rooms are helpful and that it is a good thing. In addition, students who are doing well in school still have the option of utilizing the E and I rooms, so it is a fair opportunity for all students. However, freshman Sydnee Pribbernow and sophomore Gabriele Eissner believe that all students should just do their work, but those high achieving students deserve incentives also.
We, the Lake Breeze, agree that having E and I rooms are beneficial, but South should recognize and help ALL students.
As classmates, we support one another and only want the best for one other. While some students have the opportunity to have one-on-one teacher assistance during the school day, others who are still passing, but may struggle sometimes, will have to work around their schedules and their teacher’s schedules to get help. They have it harder than the students who are failing!
Also, these students don’t get cookies for receiving a good grade, they just do it because it’s what is in the real world! All students should just do their work. Yes, some kids don’t care about school, but they have ample opportunities to meet with their teachers during prep hours, study halls, and before/after school, just like every other student.
Trimberger says this year was the first of many improvements that will be tried to increase opportunities for students. He also stated that next year there will be incentives for all students, even the high achieving ones. Trimberger stated that we are “changing South” but in the process, there are “growing pains”.
We, the Lake Breeze believe that now that we have the intervention part it is now necessary to add the “E” or enrichment part to our school. No matter what is in store for the future, and until all students are equally recognized, in addition to having the same opportunities, we the Lake Breeze, believe that while E and I rooms are positive change this year, our school needs to share these opportunities and structure it for all students’ needs, no matter if they are failing classes or passing classes.
Only then will it be fair for ALL students.

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