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Volume #98, Issue #6

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Andrew Becker, Web Edition Editor

February 22, 2013

February Starts Class Scheduling Time Of Year

Story by: Rachel Fettig

It is that time of the year again at South when students have to choose classes for next year that may interest them.
With the use of career cruising, an online website that the counselors have made use of, the students can see what types of careers they are interested in, which helps them choose useful classes in high school.
Kevin Heling, one of the counselors here at South, said that when students choose their classes for next year; they should go to their portfolios in order to see what careers they saved. From there, the students can look at education requirements needed for that specific career.
“I want them to take meaningful courses so that it will help with their future,” said Heling.
There was a slight change to the career cruising web site as new classes are being offered or being changed.
For example, instead of one semester of anatomy and physiology, it was changed to be a full year class called human body systems.
There are also sub-headings that are geared toward people who know what they want to do and those classes are recommended in the pursuit of that career.
When students choose a class, there is no guarantee that they will be able to get that class, which is why choosing the alternatives at the bottom is so important.
“Freshmen and sophomores are more likely to get the classes they want since they have more mandatory classes,” Heling said.
Heling also added, “Juniors and seniors, on the other hand, have more specialty classes to choose, so it gets harder for those students to get into the class they want.”
Junior Nicole Nigro said she enjoys being able to choose her classes because it gives her opportunities to find things that she is interested in, gaining more knowledge and further education.
“I choose my classes on interest, not because of friends but by what I think will help me in life,” said Nigro.
Sandra Kenly, a senior this year, gave some friendly advice to underclassmen, “Take harder classes. It challenges you and makes you work to overcome those challenges. It is also the next step for college so AP classes are good to take in your junior year.”
Heling also added that students who are thinking about AP classes, should know what they are capable of.
“AP classes are meant to be challenging. Students need to know how much time they have to give to each AP class they take,” said Heling.
Don’t let that discourage you, AP classes help you prepare for college and will help you in the long run if you are willing to work hard.
Course planning helps students look ahead and choose classes they may enjoy, but will also help them in the pursuit of their

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