The Lake Breeze Newspaper

Volume #98, Issue #5

Lake Breeze Newspaper

Andrew Becker, Web Edition Editor

January 18, 2013

Hockey Team Keeps On Winning

Story by: Maximilian Possanner

The Red Raider ice hockey team has put together a string of recent victories, preparing themselves for a tournament next month.

Although most players are North High students, there are several South students; Derek D’Amico and Austin Davis on varsity, and Andrew Collins, Kyle Cady and Nick Cooper for junior varsity.

Reaching the half way point of the season, they have ten wins, five losses, and one tie as of press deadline. “We are currently 4-0 in section and expectations are high for the playoffs,” said D’Amico...“Better than we were yesterday, not as good as we will be tomorrow.”

“Our coach pushes us really hard, to get the maximum potential out of us. We have practices every weekday, one and a half hours on ice, and one half off ice sometimes even on the weekends,’’ D’Amico concluded.

“We practice really hard and spend our practice time with a lot of drills and conditioning,’’ stated Davis.

“It depends what we do, we work on individual skills a lot. For example, stick landing, shooting and then we also have some time to practice team skills like playing together and getting used to each other,” D’Amico stated.

Davis added, “I think that the reason why there are more North players on the team is that ice hockey is more popular on the north side of town.’’

“We have also had a lot of people from Sheboygan County, and everybody else who wants to join,” said Davis.

“Hockey is fun to play. For me, it is an enjoyable sport,” D’Amico said.

“Our goal is to go to State,” added D’Amico.

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