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Volume #97, Issue #1

Lake Breeze Newspaper

Andrew Becker, Josh Teegardin, Web Edition Editor

September 28, 2012

New Program For Athletes

Story by: Lauren Pfile
and Sara Schrank

While some student may have slept their summer away, student athletes this year were involved in a new program.

The athletes were forced into an “off-season” training program called the Redwing Way, to improve not only their ability in the sport, but to increase competition as well.

The Redwing Way is a program which required athletes to go to South’s fitness center three times a week and lift during the summer.

Athletes followed a lifting schedule, created by the coaches, and also attended a speed camp twice a week, in the morning. Once school started, off-season athletes were required to continue the lifting schedule three times a week.

Junior Briana Wojcik, says that, “I think it’s a great program. We really did benefit from it. I think that everyone should be doing it, and that for us to get better; we need to put in the work.”

“We wanted to strive to be the five principles: Pride, leadership, respect, commitment, and effort,” stated Activities Director and football coach Chris Hein.

According to Hein, this program is not a new idea. He stated that high schools all over the country, from Maryland to California, have had this kind of program.

Also, the Redwing way is not going away. “Tweaks will be made, but it’ll be sticking around,” Hein added.

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