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Volume #97, Issue #3

Lake Breeze Newspaper

Andrew Becker, Josh Teegardin, Web Edition Editor

November 16, 2012

South’s Medical Team, All Volunteers

Story by: Jake Knuth

We are all familiar with medical lockdown announcements over the PA system and they aren’t showing any signs of disappearing any time soon.

There have been several lockdowns each month and this pattern has continued from the previous school year.
In truth, with all these interruptions, the student body seems to become annoyed by what are very useful medical lockdowns, which have proven to save lives.

Many years ago, a South High student collapsed on the football field during gym class and his heart stopped beating. If it wasn’t for the life saving skills of staff members, the boy would not have survived.

After the incident, the administration made an effort to have a qualified team of individuals at each school in the district who would be on call whenever there was an emergency in the school. All secretaries in the district are required to take an annual test to renew their certification as a trusted health provider. The eleven member team here at South is considered the best medical squad in the entire district.

“The ‘Chairman of the Board’, Sharon Daun, tells all teams who have questions about the medical procedures to refer to the team at South; ‘the smoothest running squad’,” stated Ann Vega Raatz, a team member from South.
The team consists of Maggie Bauer, Tim Eirich, Brian Henriksen, Jill Krause, Jason Ledermann, Brenda Scholten, Peter Touten-hoofd, Shelly Trescher, Mike Trim-berger, Ann Vega Raatz, and Billie Jo Weier.
All these people are properly trained to administer life saving techniques to individuals in need. They communicate via walkie talkie and over the intercom system.

The first and second members to arrive assess the patient, while the third takes notes on the situation. The majority of the lockdowns have been caused by a failure to eat breakfast, thus students become dehydrated and light-headed during their activity. “Most of the time, it’s due to no breakfast or liquids before gym class,” says Vega Raatz.Regardless, it is safe to say that any student who is having difficulties is in good hands at South High.

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