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Volume #98, Issue #8

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Andrew Becker, Web Edition Editor

April 26, 2013

March Madness Brings Out Friendly Competition Between Students/Staff

Story by: Tyler Kupsch

Every year March Madness sweeps across the nation with many people making brackets and having their eyes glued to the TV just hoping to see some great basketball and upsets.
South is no different as plenty of the students get caught up in the craziness known as March Madness.
This year was one of the craziest years in the history of March Madness with many close games and crazy upsets. Teams like Harvard, La Salle, Wichita State and FGCU were able to go against all odds and make runs in the tournament.
Games like Michigan/Kansas and Louisville/Wichita State left fans at the edge of their seat and wanting more. The tournament was won by Louisville in the end; beating Michigan: 82-76. But March Madness goes so much further than just the games.
Friendly competition is common at South as many students competed against friends/teachers in brackets just to see who was better.
“I had three brackets; try hard, upsets and “flipped a coin” brackets,” stated sophomore Jake Nytes.
Like Nytes, students will make multiple brackets trying the weirdest combinations just hoping they strike gold with a bracket worthy of winning.
Watching games can also become contagious. Every student has their favorite round in the tournament whether it is the round of 64 and 32 because of all the upsets and number of games or the Final Four because the level of competition is so much better.
One thing is for certain that many students will try to catch as many games as possible.
“ I watched around 8 to 10 full games but got glimpses of over 25,” commented senior Jake Knuth.
Many students also believe the quality of games are getting better which is only making March Madness better overall. Nowadays watching a 7 vs. 10 seed game still brings a great audience because the level of competition is just so high.
“I believe the NCAA is creating good games by the way they are seeding and getting the use of social media involved,” stated Knuth.
Trending scores on twitter and posting video updates on websites were just some of the ways the NCAA made it possible for any fan be able to get news, updates and information at any time.
This year also saw one of the most gruesome injuries to ever occur on a basketball court as Louisville guard Kevin Ware suffered a compound Tib Fib Fracture during the game against Duke. Millions of tweets and posts were put out on social media websites ranging from LeBron James to Seth Rogan all commenting on the unthinkable that had just been done. The nation really gathered around Kevin Ware’s injury and many hope to see him return although there is no certainty of that.
“He has a chance to return but it depends on how his body heals and what the doctors found,” commented athletic trainer Maggie Bauer.
This year March Madness brought us some of the highest highs but also some of the lowest lows. The tournament gave us typical Cinderella stories and classic games that won’t ever be forgotten. But not only does March Madness give us great competition, it gets us get into those friendly competitions over brackets and brings us all together to watch some amazing basketball.
In the end, March Madness is just a tournament but the phenomena around it will never be explained.

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