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Volume #98, Issue #9

Lake Breeze Newspaper

Andrew Becker, Web Edition Editor

May 23, 2013

NHS Inductees Inspired To Be Heroes for Others

Story by: Nico Menzel

On Wednesday, April 24 South High’s Pantzer Chapter of the National Honor Society inducted approximately 135 students.
National Honor Society was “established to recognize outstanding high school and middle level students.”
The ceremony was highlighted by guest speaker Patrick Flaherty and inductees from the sophomore, junior, and senior classes receiving their certificates. In addition, seniors received their yellow cords for graduation to recognize them as a National Honor Society member.
These students are chosen for National Honor Society based on academic excellence, service, leadership and character.
Flaherty who is a ”proud former principal from South”, and currently SASD Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources wants students involved in National Honor Society to “continue the good work and be somebody’s hero”.
Flaherty expresses the importance of setting individual goals in order to be someone else’s hero.
“Heroes are all around us, making an impact on peoples’ lives.” If Flaherty would have to describe a prototype of a NHS student, he would give attributes such as “honorable, caring about learning and others and working toward the positive.”
National Honor Society adviser Wade Heinen describes the program as “A national group established to recognize and encourage academic achievement.” To be invited, students must have at least a 4.25 grade point average. For students to be eligible they must acquire at least 40 hours of community and school service. Students must have ten hours in both community and school service, the remaining 20 hours can be in either area. Students then are rated by a team of faculty members based on their character and leadership.
Heinen added, that there are a lot of benefits being a member including, “Being that NHS is a national organization, it brings with it a high recognition of academic success in high school. Students see benefits of increased scholarships, more hiring opportunities, and greater acceptance into more colleges and technical schools.”
Every student who was inducted into the society should be proud of their accomplishments. “It is a great honor and accomplishment and I am very proud to be a member of NHS” said sophomore TJ Pitsch.
Senior and third year member Taylor Lohse stated, “Not everybody can be inducted and it shows everybody else that you are dedicated and that you are able to reach a goal.”
National Honor Society strives to follow the four core values of Scholarship, Character, Service and Leadership.
All students have the opportunity to apply for membership if they work hard to reach all membership criteria.

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