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Volume #98, Issue #6

Lake Breeze Newspaper

Andrew Becker, Web Edition Editor

February 22, 2013

National Gun Control Debate Takes Center Stage

Story by: Maximilian Possanner

Recently, there was a horrific shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, where 20 children and six adults were killed.
This terrible incident opened a lot of peoples eyes and at the same time, a political reason for President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden to now want to enforce a law against owning guns, especially military-style assault weapons, which means that you could not buy any of those guns anymore.
But does that really make sense?
That’s what a lot of people ask themselves. According to research, sixty-seven percent of people who are getting killed, are killed by handguns. With this statistic, it would make more sense to enforce a law against handguns.
“No, not really, assault weapons kill more people at once than handguns,” stated police liaison officer Andy Kundinger.
Kundinger also said, “I don’t like President Obama’s new law. I agree with a background check. I think this is important, but the government shouldn’t forbid which gun I can own and which gun I can’t own, I think that’s a really bad idea.”
To be honest, who wants to carry a gun around everywhere you go, just to feel safe?
I really think that it is time to enforce a law against weapons, not just because so many people are getting killed, but also because no one needs an assault weapon at home. That leads people with mental or physical problems into temptation to kill other people when they didn’t have a good day.
That’s why I think a law against weapons would be good. On one hand, Kundinger told me that he could sell any person a gun, without even showing him that he or she has the license to own a gun.
On the other hand, if the law requires a background check, the police always can tell whose weapon it is and if he or she has a license to own it.
So, when a gun gets stolen, the owner of the gun reports that to the police, so then they know it.
If the person who stole the weapon kills someone, and the police find the gun, they look at the number of the gun, and contact the person who reported that his gun was stolen, and tell him that they found it and that someone got killed with it.
But, because the person reported his gun as stolen, the police would know that the killer wasn’t the owner of the gun.
In the end, I think we should definitely do something against military-style assault guns, but also shouldn’t forget about the handguns either, because they are the number one weapon people get killed with.

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