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Volume #98, Issue #5

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Andrew Becker, Web Edition Editor

January 18, 2013

Practice Over Breaks Is Part Of The Game

Story by: Lake Breeze

We, the Lake Breeze, feel that athletes should practice over Christmas or any other non-school/holiday break days.

Wrestling coach Andy Kundinger stated, “The athletes should feel privileged to be a part of the sports, so it shouldn’t matter whether they are on break or not; they should be ready to practice every day.”

The Lake Breeze agrees with the coaches about having practice during school breaks.

Varsity basketball player Jamal Jackson stated, “We wouldn’t have signed up if we didn’t want to practice.”

Jackson had a great point by saying you should know what you’re getting into when you join a sport. Therefore, practicing over break should not be a shock, especially if you participated in the sport the year before. Joining a sport means putting yourself and all of your time and effort into it. The concept does not seem that hard to understand.

We, the Lake Breeze, believe that it is you who put yourself in a signed up for the practices and the games, even over break. Every sport at South High either had a practice or an event over winter break . The wrestling team had two practices and mid-states. The boys basketball team had one game and around five practices, according to coach Tim Schultz.

The boys swim team had five practices. The girls basketball team had a two day tournament and three practices. All these kids were aware of what they had gotten themselves into and they did what they had to.

Coaches were asked if the practices would be harder or longer over the break, and a majority of them said “no”. However, varsity swimmer Ben Mills answered differently, saying, “Heck yes, like crazy harder.”

South High isn’t the only school that practiced or scheduled events over break. There were 43 teams at mid states for wrestling. There were also three other teams in the girls basketball tournament. On the other hand, when athletes were asked if they were looking forward to practicing over break, most said no because they were tired and wanted to see their families.

Kundinger said, “Not only do they get a little extra practice, but it keeps them involved over break, and it makes them appreciate their sport.”

We, the Lake Breeze, believe that the athletes are privileged to even have the opportunity to play sports and still get some time off for break. There are some school that don’t have sports because of budget cuts, so a little extra practice isn’t going to hurt anyone.

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