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Volume #98, Issue #9

Lake Breeze Newspaper

Andrew Becker, Web Edition Editor

May 23, 2013

Public Health Informs Students, Staff of TB Cases

Story by: Rachel Fettig

On April 25, during sixth hour, all of South High was informed that there was an active case of tuberculosis (TB) at South.
According to the letter that each student received before they left school, tuberculosis is passed to people who are in close contact with the host. The letter also stated that the students who came in contact with the host were already informed so that the infection would not spread.
The Wisconsin Division of Health has a protocol that all schools must follow if there is ever an active case of TB. Sharon Daun, the school nurse, explained that the protocol stated that a test must be taken of those in close personal contacts with the host, to ensure the disease doesn’t spread.
Daun explained that the students who came in contact with this student were notified by the local public health department and warned that they may be infected and to be tested for the disease.
“The students’ blood was drawn and will be drawn again in six to eight weeks since it is slow growing,” stated Daun. She also explained that normal, healthy individuals usually won’t develop the active disease.
A letter sent out by the Sheboygan County Public Health Department on May 9, informed parents about two additional active cases of TB confirmed within the same family structure as the original case. According to the update, the students will remain isolated until they are no longer infectious.
All the testing done to students and staff has come back negative, which means that as of May 9, the day the letter was sent out, there was no spread of infection outside of the family. When someone is infected, a person will have a positive skin and blood test for TB, but they may not be ill or spread the infection until the disease becomes active. Once the disease become sactive, they will start to show symptoms, which indicates that they have caught the disease.
TB is a preventable and curable disease. Through medication and time the students infected with TB will get better.

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