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Volume #98, Issue #9

Lake Breeze Newspaper

Andrew Becker, Web Edition Editor

May 23, 2013

Reflect Before Moving On...

Story by: Sara Schrank; Sophia Ly; Courtney Roszak

On average, students take about 30 tests a year. As they take harder classes, there are usually more tests involved, however, school is not the only place you take a test.
Your whole life is a test. In order to pass the test you need to work to your full ability and exceed expectations, living life to the fullest and seizing opportunities.
This school year we have all failed at least once, maybe not on a test. However, we have passed even more. Our success is greater than our failures. We are not the only ones who have passed or failed the test; everyday our country is affected by multiple tests.
This past summer, USA athletes competed at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, England. In November, there was a presidential election where Democrat Barack Obama was reelected as the 44th president; a few seniors had their first chance to vote in a presidential election.
Recently, we were informed of trouble stirring in North Korea again.
Closer to home, two middle school students were arrested for killing a woman who was one of the suspect’s grandmothers.
Nobody will forget two of the heart-wrenching tragedies that shocked America this school year, the Boston Marathon bombing on April 15 and the Sandy Hook School shooting on Dec. 14, 2012. Many innocent lives were taken. Nobody could ever understand how someone could walk into a school and take away not only the lives of adults, who dedicate their time to the future generation, but also young, innocent children.
So why don’t we all study hard and live our lives fully to achieve success for those who cannot, for those who never will get the chance.
But school isn’t just about studying. It is also about activities, sports, and our social lives. This year was all in all, a unique year. There was only one returning senior on the dance team, Linda Xiong, who led the team to state and reclaimed the state champion title in division 1 Hip Hop.
McKenna Ramos went to state twice for cross country and swimming. He returned to South with successful results from both competitions. Ramos is currently running for the chance to return to state this year. The cheerleading team went to the largest national cheer competition in the country. They may not have taken the gold, but even going was a huge accomplishment. Student involvement increased compared to previous years, although sadly some things did not rise to expectations.
This year had probably one of most exciting senior class presidential campaigns to date. Three-year class president Stuart Schmidt vs. Dakota Gamez. Gamez did win, but eventually stepped down, leaving presidential duties to vice president, John Raff. Although it was great to see Challenge Day return, there was no visible change seen.
There was barely any support for GSA members this year. On the day to wear purple, there were barely any students donning the representative color.
And the word “scrub”. Where did that even come from? It is a rude word, and nobody has the right to judge someone.
Maybe our biggest failure of the year though, was the “D” on the state report card. Technically, it’s not failing, but it is downright embarrassing.
This led to E&I rooms and other new policies that administration wanted to enforce. Not to forget, the very controversial dress code policy implemented at the start of the school year.
Everyone should give themselves a pat on the back for passing this year’s test of courage, determination, and of course your classes.
Seniors, in seventeen days you will walk Vollrath Bowl, ending your time at Sheboygan South High School and start the next exciting chapter in your life.
You have counted down the days till winter break, and summer vacation, you have taken the ACT (more than once most likely) and waited by the mailbox for that college acceptance letter.
There are many things that could be said about this year’s graduating class. We have had our failures and downfalls, but also exceeded expectations. We have come together for our school when necessary. Who could forget freshman year when almost every student bought a green bracelet in support of South High alumni Zachary Plautz as he battled cancer? We have cheered on the Redwings on more than one occasion and sat in the bitter October cold to witness the football team destroy North.
As great as these memories have been, every senior has been waiting for something. That day when you can walk across the stage at Vollrath Bowl, in your red cap and gown, and receive that long awaited high school diploma. The moment when you can finally say you’re free. But with the days dwindling down, it is hard to say where all the time went.
It feels like yesterday was the first day of freshmen year when you walked into the Fieldhouse, through the tunnel of Link Crew members, unsure what the next four years would bring. But the time passed by quickly, now you’re cleaning out your locker, taking down the pictures, turning in the final assignments, and saying goodbye to teachers, classmates and friends.
In the next few months, many will be going off to college furthering their education. To those, don’t forget to have fun, but also don’t forget to study, you are paying for your education.
There will be some students who will join the service to fight for your country. To those, we salute you and thank you for you service. There will be some who go to join the workforce right after high school. To those, remember to still enjoy life, don’t slave yourself away.
Seniors, you have the power to be whatever you may want to be. There may be a future Olympian, doctor, lawyer, reality star, or even the next president in this year’s graduating class.
Seniors, you have made it through 13 years of ups and downs, you have passed the first BIG test of your life: high school. Now onto your next test, which is where you take yourself after you walk the bowl. Remember, as you take on this next task, don’t take failure as an option. Congratulations Class of 2013... Your class motto...“Dream as if you’ll live forever, live as if you’ll die today.”

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