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Volume #98, Issue #7

Lake Breeze Newspaper

Andrew Becker, Web Edition Editor

March 15, 2013

Sometimes Couples Need To Back Off A Bit

Story by: Lauren Pfile

As Valentine’s Day leaves the air of South High School, so do many of the couples and their affection for the person they were crazy about. But some couples don’t understand that maybe they take it too far, and need to back off during a relationship, because they are still only in high school.
Sim Safford, math teacher, states that many students sometimes take it too seriously.
“It’s okay to be in a relationship in high school, however, there are people who are over the top. They have their whole lives ahead of them, and if they break up, their whole world is crushed.” He also gives additional advice by saying that good communication is key and to still have fun. It doesn’t need to be so serious. There are some lines that should not be crossed though, at least during school.
As stated on page 14, last paragraph in the Student Planner, “Students will be permitted only to hold hands in the halls.” Safford comments on this topic more by saying that you don’t need to see it in the hallways.
Another question that arises about relationships in high school, is whether it is appropriate or not. Josh Kestell, social studies teacher, states that it’s okay.
“It happens, its been going on since high schools were created. You can’t change it now.”
Relationships do happen in high school, and relationships can be fun. They are a good way to make more friends and make memories, but they can also be a distraction to your school work and extra curricular activities.
Kestell says that from a coach’s perspective, it can create stress on an athlete’s life, and it can lead to some problems with trying to focus on games, or competitions. He also says that it is just high school.
Many people have relationships during school, and they are fine, but people also need to find that line between making it just a fun date night or seeing that person in the halls and saying hi. Otherwise, a serious relationship can dictate a person’s life.
People must remember that they are still young and have a lot ahead of them. There is a future out there for everyone, and it is your own, not someone else’s in which you are just along for the ride.

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