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Volume #98, Issue #9

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Andrew Becker, Web Edition Editor

May 23, 2013

Spring Sports Finally Get Outside To Compete

Story by: Lauren Pfile

With spring sports finally able to compete after the bipolar weather that has been handed to teams and individuals competing in the FRCC, there is a lot to say about everyone participating in the 2013 season, both good and bad.
Golf has had many ups and downs this season, with many meets cancelled. However, the weather has not affected the athletes’ effort so far.
The team has placed 10th in the conference. An award has been given out to the team for Sportsmanship at the Ledgeview match play meet, which shows the great effort and class that South High seems to show with the golf team.
The seniors that show great leadership are Evan Vega, Ryan Wagner, and Tyler Kupsch.
Sim Safford, the varsity golf coach, has one message to not only the golf team, but to everyone. “Stay focused and believe that we can compete.”
The track and field team has been one of the lucky sports to keep working, inside and out. With only three meets cancelled or pushed, they have been working hard to compete with the best, and hopefully become the best.
Todd Tutas, girls varsity track and field coach, states that “A lot of athletes have had personal records, and continue to do so.” There are high hopes for the rest of the season, with regionals shortly underway, along with sectional within the same week. The pressure is on for many of the athletes to do well. Mckena Ramos, Dylan Markelz, Brett Hutchinson, Paul Garni, Bradley Pfeifer, Taylor Gregory, Nico Menzel, Molly Burkard, Arianna Nava, Brooke Olson, Simone Gerards, Lisa Champeau, and Karlee Weimann are the seniors for the track team, and they will always be respected greatly, but highly missed.
High expectations are held for not only these athletes, but for the rest of the team also.
Softball has been handed the shorthand for the weather this season, however. With 14 games cancelled, it has been difficult to make up the games. The team is coached by Darren Weimann, and the seniors consist of Ashley Anderson, Erika Trumm, Kimberlee Weimann and the manager Sammy Cook. The highlight of their season has been having two of the seniors hit a homerun within the same game.
Something that captain Kimberlee Weimann stated is that the team needs to work on consistency and that defense needs to have fewer errors. Also, one of the highlights of this season is the alumni recognition of the 1977 softball team, which was runner-up at State that year.
With many expectations for the rest of this short season, they are hoping to make improvements, and a better record, which now stands at 4-8.
With tennis season underway, there are many things that have been achieved, but also things that need improvement. Aubrey Kooistra, head boys tennis coach, states that the weather has affected their season greatly.
“The first invite was cancelled, and we had only 1 practice outside over a 2 week period. It hurts us that we couldn’t have worked outside more.”
One of the many goals for this season is to get some tennis singles and doubles to sectionals.
The seniors of this season are: Octavio Arredondo, Ben Mills, Chee Vue, Andrew Ly, Austin Davis, Roberto Munoz, Brian White, Chad Larson, and Jacob Bogenshutz.
The girls soccer team has had many ups and downs this season. Beating North 2-1 is definitely one of their highlights. The seniors: Rachel Smith, Kara Selk, Jordan Eissner, and Kami Feld have helped make this happen.
The many goals that the team holds are going to state, to win conference, and to stay healthy.
Smith adds, “We have a lot of potential and talent, and I am excited to see what the future holds for us.”
Last but not least, the baseball teams have many goals for this season. With trying to make it to stateand win division, the record, which is 9-3, shows how hard they are working to be their best. Sweeping Ashwaubenon twice in this season already, along with killing Manitowoc 9-0, they are hoping to keep the trend going.
Tanner Reklaitis, a senior and captain, states that “The farquad squad is taking over.”
Along with many things achieved, come many things to work on, and they hope to bring the same intensity and focus to every game and practice to hopefully make their goals a reality.
Senior caption John Raff also had something to say to his baseball team. “A message to the rest of the FRCC, get your popcorn ready. You’re about to see a show.”

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