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Volume #98, Issue #8

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Andrew Becker, Web Edition Editor

April 26, 2013

Student Qualifiers Preparing For State Music Festival

Story by: Katherine Ly

This year, 30 band, choir and orchestra entries from South have qualified for the Wisconsin School Music Association State Festival held at UW Milwaukee on April 27th.
WSMA is a music competition to motivate music study and show the hard work students put in music.
“The entries range from solos and duets to large ensembles of over 15 students. Students need to score a starred first on their performance at District in order to go to the State Festival,” said choir and orchestra teacher, Ann Muellenbach.
Some of the pieces being preformed at state are: Symphony 29, Miracle Duo, Can You Feel the Love Tonight, and Big City Swing.
Although band, choir and orchestra are different, students prepare for State similarly. Students practice on their own time and at school.
“The expectation is that students will continue working on their events after District and that they will work with their teacher and accompanists leading up to State as often as they would like,” Muellenbach said.
“We are practicing not only in class but we are setting up practices outside of class too,” stated junior orchestra student, Alisha Ziegler.
Senior Jordan Eissner, who advanced in band, said, “I practice during band and at home, running through the music pieces and fixing what the judges said I had to work on.”
Students put in a lot of time and effort into practicing and improving for the State Festival. Senior choir qualifier, Houa Lee said that she practices every day for about an hour because she plans to major in music in college.
Ziegler said, “We encourage everyone in the group to practice as much as possible.” She also added that she usually practices for an hour and a half at school and go over the music for at least 15 minutes again every night.
When asked what their hopes for State were, the responses were similar, doing the best they can do and receive starred first for their scores. “I hope to get a one* on both of them and a gold medal,” said Eissner.
“I hope that we can perform better than last year and get one*,” Ziegler said.
Lee stated, “I hope we get the highest score at state and leave the audience in awe.” Lee wants to do her best and get a score of starred one as well.
“I am always amazed at how much the kids practice and how much of themselves they pour into their pieces,” said Muellenbach.

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