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Volume #97, Issue #1

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Andrew Becker, Josh Teegardin, Web Edition Editor

September 28, 2012

Students Elect Class Officers

Story by: Gemma Sutkiewicz

 Every fall the students at South High get the opportunity to select leaders who will represent their classes. The candidates completed nomination papers, put up posters, talked to students, and made campaign goals and promises.

Jason Ledermann, the South High administrator who is responsible for the election, noted that class officers should be individuals who possess leadership skills.

The officers from all four classes will work on service projects for the class, as well as homecoming, with junior officers having the added responsibility of prom and senior class officers having many graduation responsibilities.

Ledermann discussed the value in students becoming involved in class activities.
“It is important for students to be involved and to give back to their school,” stated Ledermann.

The seniors have selected a new face to represent them as class president.
Dakota Gamez is excited about the challenge of leading the senior class. His goals are to break down groups, help everyone to get along, and improve communication so everyone has a voice in the school.

The senior class vice president, John Raff, stated that his goal is to, “restore South High to its former glory and to make sure the class of 2013 leaves its mark on our school.”
Also elected, as senior class officers, are Alyssa Rieger as secretary and Lauren Simonsmeier as treasurer.

Jesus Rivera returns as president of the junior class. Rivera, who has been active in student government, site-based management, and as a student rep for the school board, stated that he wants to increase school spirit and he wants to be a positive leader at South. Rivera, who ran unopposed, noted that being a class officer, “gives you real world leadership opportunities.”

The other junior class officers are Mackenzie Birkey as vice president, Briana Wojcik as secretary, and Camber Posewitz as treasurer.
The sophomore class will be represented by an enthusiastic Sophia Ly as president. Ly would like to improve school unity and spirit, as well as work on fundraisers and volunteer activities.

Ly stated, “I know I can make a difference at South. I love the class of 2015 and I think I can help give us all an amazing high school experience. It’s going to be a great year. “
Ly looks forward to working with the other class officers, Calie Kaiser, as vice president and Mia Rabon, as secretary.

All students can find a way to help, as Ly noted, “I believe everyone is a leader in their own way.”

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