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Volume #98, Issue #7

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Andrew Becker, Web Edition Editor

March 15, 2013

Students, Staff Enjoy Their TV Remote Controls

Story by: Katherine Ly

Aside from school and other activities, South’s staff and students find time to “tune into” their favorite TV shows.
With hundreds of different shows available, when staff and students were asked what their favorite TV shows were, it varied. Language Arts teacher Nancy Moss said, “The Office, because it has been on forever and it’s hilariously funny.”
Like Moss, senior Suzette Rosas likes The Office as well. She explained, “It’s about a group of people working in a paper company. There’s always an event, and they bicker.”
“Keeping up with the Kardashians, because how they act is like how my sisters act,” said junior Brandi Cha.
Guy Code, a TV show about “Decoding situations and what to do and providing humorous stories from the cast on what happened to them in that situation,” said freshman Parker Unrein, when asked about his favorite show.
Other favorites included Full House, Parenthood and CNN. Everyone has their own way of balancing sports, homework and other activities in order to watch their favorite shows.
“I have study hall during sixth hour, so I usually do my homework from the classes I had before,” said freshman Deyna Gatica.
Secretary Ann Vega-Raatz stated, “By nine o’clock everything is done. My kids are older. Also, I could record it and fast forward commercials.”
“I watch it when I can. It does not have priority over other activities,” said sophomore Colton Wickland.
Today, most people multitask while they watch TV, but some do choose to give their full attention to their favorite shows.
“I eat, do my homework and clean my room. I multitask because I still have to get my work done besides just watching TV,” Gatica said.
“I usually have my laptop on my lap,” said Vega-Raatz.
Cha said that she doesn’t multitask because the show is very interesting, so she doesn’t want to miss any of it.
When asked if students and staff would recommend their favorite TV show, many of them said, “Yes.”
“I would recommend them to other people because of the fantastic writing,” said Moss.
Unrein said he recommends Guy Code to Other Guys because “it’s interesting and funny.”
“Yes, especially teenage kids, because a lot of the issues pertain to them,” said Vega-Raatz about Parenthood.
Anyone, not sure what to watch, the next time you have some free time, tune in to watch some of your fellow classmates’ favorite TV shows.

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