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Volume #98, Issue #8

Lake Breeze Newspaper

Andrew Becker, Web Edition Editor

April 26, 2013

Teachers, Students Need To Monitor Grades Better With Standard Score Program

Story by: LakeBreeze

“Do you know how many times I have been grounded for that?” jokes freshman Amanda Hoffman.
Grade updates have caused numerous students, such as Hoffman a lot of tension between the student and their parents. Your parents have been bugging you about that test you took at the beginning of the semester that still isn’t graded. So, you talk to your teacher about it, and two weeks later....or more... still no grade posted on Standard Score.
Some students believe that updating and entering grades in Standard Score (the school district’s computerized grading program) is part of a teacher’s job. They are right! By not updating student grades, that teacher is not doing part of their job. According to principal Michael Trimberger, teachers are required to update student grades once a week. The Lake Breeze feels that because this is the minimum requirement, teachers are merely updating once every week to meet the requirement. Grades should be entered more frequently.
Spanish teacher, Elizabeth Cordeiro stated that she usually updates every day or every other day. She thinks that there are teachers who do need to update more frequently. When asked what reasons for not updating student grades, Cordeiro answered that it is an organizational issue than anything else.
However, the Lake Breeze believes there are many other reasons behind the lack of grade updates. Some teachers may be resistant to technology and prefer the traditional grade books rather than Standard Score. Some may have experienced glitches or pressed the wrong keys accidentally and entered incorrect scores. Some may assign too much homework and do not have time to grade it in a timely fashion. And lastly, some may not find the time to grade any assignment/test in a timely fashion.
Language Arts teacher Scott Eckelaert updates every day after school. He stated that he feels it is part of his job. Having over 130 students’ papers to grade sound pretty difficult, but Eckelaert explains that Standard Score makes it easy.
Students are also responsible for their grades and making sure their grades for a class are updated and accurate.
“If a student does not have something handed in, an email is sent to the student’s parents,” Eckelaert said. “I try to put myself in the parent’s shoes.” Eckelaert explained that he tells his students to check their Standard Score grades every Thursday with their parents for accuracy. If they have missing work, students can talk to him on Friday and have the weekend to finish their missing assignments.
The Lake Breeze supports Eckelaert’s closing statement: “Students should spend more time checking Standard Score than their Facebook.” In conclusion, teachers MUST grade ALL work in a timely manner and post them on Standard Score and students MUST be more responsible for their grades and assignments in every class. It is not your teacher’s or parent’s job to check YOUR grades.

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