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Volume #98, Issue #6

Lake Breeze Newspaper

Andrew Becker, Web Edition Editor

February 22, 2013

Teams Need Student Support, Attendance

Story by: Lake Breeze

Many sports and activities have qualities that make them stand out from one another. But what they all have in common is they all have members who work hard and never give up. No matter the record, no matter the score, all the athletes and participants at South High never stop and always work to the best of their abilities.
One of the problems that arises between sports and students however, is whether or not the teams or the sport get enough recognition and respect. With all the hours that are put into practices, time given up for games, someone would think that people would have respect for all athletes and activities alike.
“I think that all sports have their own challenges, but also their own strengths. The people who put the time in should definitely get some sort of respect,” stated senior Sandra Kenly, who has done swimming for four years, and forensics for two years.
Each sport and activity has its own qualities that make it unique, and a lot of people do not realize how hard sports or participating in an activity is, until they do it themselves. The basketball teams are working hard every day, and have one of the longest seasons, and they also play until the very end, never giving up. Dancers have had to dance in hallways, had up to eight hour practices, and did well enough that they had gone to State and took first. The forensics team gets up during weekends at almost five a.m. for competitions, works hard after school, and does well enough to go to Nationals. The swim team, which has morning and afternoon practices, are state-bound. Also, gymnastics never fails to impress the people who actually pay attention to them, and realize that they are one of top teams in the state.
The problem with people not knowing, or understanding, the level of difficulty these sports or activities have, is that no one shows up to events like these. They don’t bother to say good job, or give a compliment, or other recognition for doing something well. It should not matter what sport or activity you’re in, because a lot of them requirethe same level of commitment and amount of love you need for the sport, or activity that you are doing. All of these groups are representing South High, and the athletes/participants are giving up a part of their life for this school.
We, the Lake Breeze, agree that every athlete and participant deserves respect from not just their own teammates, but also from the student body as well. We, the Lake Breeze, hope that everyone looks forward to competitions that South High partakes in, by showing up to basketball games during the season, and having a student section that consists of more then eight people. If you enjoy music, go to concerts and show your support. Also, listen to the forensics team, which does a great job of acting and speaking. Do not be afraid to get out and show support for your school and its athletes and participants.
We, the Lake Breeze, recognize that our school is being represented by many fine athletes, participants, and students who put in the time, commitment, and love for what they do, and it is now time for others to see that too.

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