The Lake Breeze Newspaper

Volume #98, Issue #5

Lake Breeze Newspaper

Andrew Becker, Web Edition Editor

January 18, 2013

Too Much Technology Takes Away From Teaching

Story by: Brianna Bakewell

Edmodo is a fairly new thing that schools are starting to use. Some teachers at South High started using it this year.

As a school, the teachers all agreed to use it. Some of the uses for Edmodo are for teachers to give and collect assignments, as well as help students after school hours.

I have heard a lot of mixed reviews from students and teachers, being that some like it and some don’t. One of South’s art teachers, Linda Badtke says, “It’s a good idea.”

However, senior Olivia Dicke said, “Edmodo isn’t always convenient for students to use at home for homework if they don’t have Internet access.”

Todd Williams, Business Education, is the district administrator for Edmodo. He basically goes around to schools in the district and helps teachers with problems they may be having, as well as communicating Edmodo updates to teachers.

Williams has been using Edmodo himself for about four years and says, “I do like Edmodo; however, it does have some functionality issues. I do think it’s a good idea for students to have exposure to online learning and Edmodo is a way to accomplish that.”

Although Edmodo may have a good idea behind it, I feel as though some teachers do not use it properly.

I don’t use it much, but when I do, I’d have to say I don’t like it. I understand the saving paper aspect that it has, which is great. But, I feel as though some teachers use it so they are physically able to teach less.

I’ve noticed that some teachers simply put up assignments on Edmodo and say, “Your assignment is up on Edmodo.” And that’s it. No assistance for the students and no showing the students how to do the assignment if it’s something they’ve never done before. Yes, this is a high school and since we are all approaching adulthood, we should be able to figure it out. With that being said, it is still a school and the teachers are here to teach.

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