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Volume #98, Issue #8

Lake Breeze Newspaper

Andrew Becker, Web Edition Editor

April 26, 2013

Will There Be A Spring Sports Season?

Story by: Maximilian Possanner

This year’s spring was probably one of the worst in the 21st century, and not just for us, but especially for our spring sport athletes.
Track and field, baseball, golf, tennis and girls soccer, all had to go through a pretty long delay, especially baseball and golf, because they really depend on the outdoor fields to practice.
“Right now we practice in the Redwing gym and the fieldhouse, but we should be able to go practice outside next week [April 8]’’, commented Alex Feudner.
“The weather kept us inside for practices, and we have to reschedule five games already, which will be held at the end of the year most likely, and practices still start at 7:30 p.m.,” said Sam Souik.
A lot of games got cancelled, which means that they have to play two or three games on one day, which means a lot of stress for them.
“We have had three meets, but they got cancelled,” commented Carson Bieber.
“We haven’t been able to play any meets and haven’t even been able to play a round of golf at practice,” stated TJ Pitsch.
Because there is not something such as an indoor golf course or baseball field, they had to wait weeks until they could finally go outside to practice and compete against other teams.
“With bad weather we aren’t able to get on the course to play and get better,” stated Bieber. “We would practice on Sunset Hills, Whistling Straits and Qui Qi Oc,’’ said Bieber.
“We have practice indoors sometimes and we practice out at Sunset Hills and hit range balls,’’ said Pitsch.
Girls soccer had to stay inside too because snow and rain made it almost impossible to go outside to practice. Tennis already started to practice outside a few weeks ago.
“It affects us, because we are not able to practice outside, right now we have to practice in the fieldhouse, but we are looking forward to practice outdoors, when the field is dried and ready,” commented Jordan Loshe.
“We are not game ready yet either and already had to cancel four games,” added Loshe.
“The water delays everything, right now we are practicing on the tennis courts outside, Monday through Friday,” stated Austin Davis.
Another disappointment for the players was that they showed up to practice last week Wednesday, but got cancelled after 20 minutes of practice begin.
The weather for track and field was not as bad as for the other sports, because they start practicing inside every year, to do some conditioning and work out in the fitness center, to improve their condition.
“The weather doesn’t really affect us, because we have indoor meets. If outdoors, it affects us, because it depends how often you warm up to keep warm and not pull any muscles,” said Taylor Gregory. “

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