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Volume #97, Issue #4

Lake Breeze Newspaper

Andrew Becker, Josh Teegardin, Web Edition Editor

December 13, 2013

State Report Card: All Students Need To Improve

Story by: Lake Breeze

The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (WDPI) released its first ever report card for South High School and all schools in Wisconsin.

The results were far from acceptable for South High.

South High received a 62.2 percent, which falls into the category of “Meets Few Expectations”. Students, staff, and administration need to collaborate and work together to improve the school’s grade.

This is not just the students’ grade, based on test scores and low attendance rates, but it is the school’s.

When we look at how to fix this grade, we can’t focus just on the students, but rather the building as a whole, including teachers, administration and other staff members. We need to find the core issues that are bringing our school’s grade down and involve the community, staff, and students to raise our grade.

The strong urge to improve our school’s tardy and attendance rate is all part of a bigger plan. Not all may know, but the reasoning behind the tardy/attendance push, is because we lost five percentage points solely on unacceptable rates of attendance (tardies fall into this category). Even with those five points, South score would have been 67.2...not high enough!

While the faculty was trying to improve our educational experience and school report card by implementing the tardy policy at the beginning of the year, the Lake Breeze believes that communication was lost and student’s felt they were being punished and singled out not knowing what the faculty’s/administration’s intentions were.

The data shows that the new tardy policy is decreasing freshmen tardies, but the numbers are still high for sophomores, juniors, and seniors.

In addition, many are upset that the educational assistance given to some students is too focused on the students failing or doing poorly, rather than assisting those who excel at school too.

Junior Brooke Herbert stated, “They focus on the kids who really need help but forget that the students with good grades need help too.”

When we take a look at how we can improve our WDPI grade, we ALL must take a part in raising our grade.

Students, if you focus on your studies, work hard, get to class on time, get good grades, and attend school, you will contribute significantly to improving South’s grade.

Not only students have a part in making the change, so do the staff and administration.

Making themselves more available both during the school day and before and after school will allow students to achieve the full understanding they need on the subjects.

Also, by urging students to come to class and making learning enjoyable, students will achieve acceptable attendance rates.

As the school implements new plans to better our overall success, please do not forget the students who are passing their classes, but need higher level/critical thinking skills, etc.. All programs should be for ALL students, not just students who will “bump” the school’s data and increase the state report card scores.

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