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Volume #97, Issue #2

Lake Breeze Newspaper

Andrew Becker, Josh Teegardin, Web Edition Editor

October 29, 2012

Failing Students Given Chance To Improve

Story by: Jesus Rivera

The new study hall changes will benefit students education in a variety of ways allowing students to get help on their studies if needed and for well achieving students to excel.
What study halls look at, is that every student is different and so is their intervention levels. There are three tiers to the Pyramid Response to Intervention.

For a student that is failing classes or having major issues with education, he/she would fall into the top or middle tier, needing more intense interventions. A student that is doing well in all of his/her classes, would fall into the bottom tier, where most students are, receiving little or no intervention.

Their intervention would allow the student to excel and look deeper into their studies further progressing his/her education.

So, how does this all fit into our new changes at South? The students with a study hall go to the commons and get to enjoy themselves. Whether it be listening to music, texting, lifting weights, or release.

Recognizing that these are the achieving students and allowing them more freedom, but if you grades begin to slip and go below passing, you will be pulled out of your study hall and placed into an advisory study hall.

This study hall is intense and will teach the struggling student the proper study techniques that they will use in their academics.

If a student is failing classes, and does not have a study hall, they will be pulled out of their elective for a two week period and also put into an advisory study hall, eventually having to makeup the work they missed.

One of the best attributes to the new study halls is the Enrichment and Intervention rooms. For example if a student had a question about math, the student could go to an E&I room and get assistance from a math teacher awaiting to answer the students questions. In most cases there will be a teacher from each subject ready for students that are eager to learn.

Although this sounds great for the students, some teachers find concern with the new changes. One concern is the loss of prep time, by being in one of the E&I rooms they lose the time thought necessary to properly prepare for classes.

Another issue is that when you go to get help with something, it is not necessarily from your own teacher, so some communication may be lost from original teacher to student. Finally, the students that aren’t doing well in their studies are getting the majority of the attention , rather than the kids that are succeeding.

The concerned teachers may bring up some valid points. However, the teachers are required to do a duty or job for one of their prep times a semester.

The issue isn’t whether the student could get help from their own teacher, it is whether the student would be able to find time to meet with his/her teacher. These E&I rooms allow the student to get help during the academic day, making it easier for the student to receive help without trying to track down their teacher.

Regarding the majority of the attention goes to the struggling students is a positive thing. Focusing their main attention on helping the struggling, but allowing for students that want to excel to do so by giving them the freedom to get work done.

The freedom that this new study hall gives us, is something that we can really appreciate. Giving us the freedom we deserve, but always keeping us in check and keeping us focused on our studies.

Although the teachers may be concerned with the “loss” of prep time for the new E&I rooms, it makes them more accessible to the student body and more importantly, more accessible for the students to learn.

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