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Volume #97, Issue #4

Lake Breeze Newspaper

Andrew Becker, Josh Teegardin, Web Edition Editor

December 13, 2012

Energizer Bunny Of South High...Mariya Grabow

Story by: Courtney Roszak

Quirky, energetic, and cat lady are just a few words that come to mind when students hear the name of librarian Mariya Grabow.

Every Friday morning on the Channel 7 announcements, Grabow presents her own segment called, “The Library Lady,” when she talks to students about things that she feels are important, such as being a vegetarian, recycling, the Titanic musical, or reading.

“I wanted to remind kids of what they can get down in the library,” said Grabow.

Many have noticed that whenever they see the Library Lady she is always awake and full of life. What’s her secret? She eats a green veggie diet, drinks green tea and loves her job.

To add to Grabow’s hectic schedule, she is also the advisor for the drama department at South High. She got interested in theatre at the age of three when her parents enrolled her in dance, and it developed from there. As Grabow jokingly says, it all started by being a little ballerina.

“My first starring role was as ‘Winter’ in my kindergarten production,” Grabow joyfully commented.

Over the years, Grabow has been able to choose many of the productions.

Her favorite play that the drama department has done was performed on in 2011, called The Triangle Factory Fire Project.

Her favorite North/South musical was put on this year, Titanic. Few students realize that Grabow has been married for six and a half years, because her name is Ms. instead of Mrs..

“Find someone who supports everything you do, and support everything they do,” Grabow advises. “If you find the right person, being married is easy,”

Outside of work, the Library Lady has two things she loves to do. She enjoys going to music concerts with her husband, Eric Cox, and they often go to several each month.

She also watches television for hours. “I can sit and watch TV for hours on end,” Grabow commented. “I consume TV at an amazing rate.”

There is more to the Library Lady than many realize. Grabow lives a hectic, crazy life, but still finds time to do the things she loves and impact students’ lives in her daily schedule.

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