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Volume #97, Issue #3

Lake Breeze Newspaper

Andrew Becker, Josh Teegardin, Web Edition Editor

September 28, 2012

Xiong Enjoys Being Lone Senior On Varsity Dance Team

Story by: Sophia Ly

“It feels like I’m captain of a pirate ship,” jokes lone, returning varsity dance team senior, Linda Xiong.

She is unsure of why other senior girls didn’t return to the team. On the team this year though, are 17 girls, Xiong, five juniors, five sophomores, and six freshmen.

Returning varsity dancer, junior McKenzie Noltner said, “Linda’s role on the team is to take initiative and to help out anyway possible. Her job is to inspire us...Along with keeping us together as a strong team...”

Xiong stated, “People may think we’ll suck this year due to having such few returning varsity girls, but really, this will only take time and to be honest we are getting there...I know we can do it.”

When Xiong hears people make negative statements about how the team is going to perform this year, it brings her down and she wants to prove them wrong.

Her goal is to take back the varsity dance title of being hip-hop state champions.

Xiong said that she sometime feels kind of old and freshman Tatum Spevacek replied that being the oldest on the team is why other dancers “...look up to her as a rolemodel.”

Spevacek added, “...she takes action when someone needs help and guides them.”

Sophomore Daniela Ceron said, “...she always tries to help us out, encourages us to do our best, knows what to say, and is always there for us.”

Ceron adds, “I want to look like her when I dance.”

Noltner stated, “Linda is a strong-willed, independent girl who likes to laugh and have fun. She reminds me often to simply be yourself and not to take anything in life too seriously!”

In addition Noltner commented, “I think Linda handles it [being the only senior] more than well. Most people couldn’t handle that pressure and I give her mad props for being proud of her role as the only senior. She takes everything, even the worst challenges and conquers them with ease and a huge smile on her face.”

Xiong said that being the only senior, there is no one to relate to sometimes and it can get pretty weird, but “...everyone’s cool.”

Being involved in dance throughout her high school career, except for freshmen year when she was on the volleyball team, Xiong said she’s learned patience.

Varsity dance coach Carlee Reinemann, dance team alumni, said that she is determined to make this year’s team, as she would any other team, the best that they can be, and, “...we as a whole are hopeful to predict a successful, rewarding season!”

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